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  • What are the race distances?
    Triathlon - Sprint (750m, 21k, 5k), Super Sprint (400m, 12k, 2.5k), Tri Stars various distances based on your age. Duathlon - Sprint (5k, 21k, 5k). See info page here.
  • What is the minimum age for each distance?
    Sprint and Super Sprint has a minimum age of 15, on the 31st December of the year of the event. Tri Stars from 9-14 years old.
  • Can I take part if I have a physical disability?
    We are an inclusive event and do our best to accommodate everyone. Please drop us an email and we will assess the options available.
  • How do I register for the event?
    Registration is available via Eventrac following the links on our website.
  • If I can’t race, can I transfer my place to someone else?"
    Yes you can for a fee of £10, you can transfer your place to another entrant. This service will only be available until 30 days before event date.
  • Can I get a refund if I can’t race?
    Unfortunately, we don’t offer refunds for our event. You can transfer your place to another entrant if your unable to compete. To see our full T&C’s click here
  • When will I know my start time?
    We will be publishing start times 1 week prior to event day. These will be emailed and posted online for your reference.
  • Can I change my start time?
    Unfortunately not, once these have been set it is not possible to change them.
  • How long before by start time should I arrive?
    We recommend you arrive at least 1 hour 30 mins before your start time.
  • Will I receive a race pack in the post?
    Your race pack will arrive with you within the last two weeks of the event. Please ensure update your address details if these change before the event.
  • What will my race pack contain?
    You will receive your Bib Number, your security wristband and Helmet and Bike stickers. Please ensure you bring all items with you on race morning.
  • Can I access the rest of Bowood House on race day?
    Yes, your race entry includes your entry ticket to the grounds, you are very welcome to spend the day and we encourage you to explore the beautiful house and gardens.
  • Can I bring my friends and family with me on race day.
    Yes you can. Please be aware that your support team will be required to pay the standard Bowood entrance fees.
  • Is there anything to entertain the kids?
    Yes, we will be running children’s activities within the event village and of course there is the amazing adventure playground which is part of the Bowood Estate.
  • Can I visit the venue before the event?
    Yes, entrance fees apply at, please note it is not possible to access the cycle course prior to the event day and swimming is strictly prohibited in Bowood lake.
  • Will there be food available onsite
    Yes the treehouse cafe is available for refreshments.
  • Will the event provide a swim hat?
    Yes this will be given to you at swim start and is yours to keep.
  • Do I have to wear a helmet on the bike?
    Yes you must have a cycle helmet on and the strap fastened at all times when in contact with your bike. You will be required to put this on prior to entering transition for a visual check.
  • Do I have to wear a wetsuit?
    Yes, wetsuits are compulsory for all Tri Star 1,2, & 3 competitors, Sprint and Super Sprint it is advised but optional.
  • Do I need to wear cycle specific shoes?
    No you don’t have to wear cycle shoes, just whatever you are comfortable wearing on the bike.
  • Does my bike need to have any specific set up?
    You can use most styles of bike in this event as long as it has 2 working brakes and is roadworthy. Those taking part in the Tri Star Inter Regional Championship qualifier events must adhere to the gear restrictions to take part, this will be checked prior to entering transition.
  • If it’s a hot day, do I have to wear a top?"
    Yes, under the Tri England rules your torso must be covered at all times during the race, front zippers must be fastened
  • Can I rack my bike anywhere?
    No, you will have a specific location which corresponds to your wave number.
  • Can I cycle the bike course before my race?
    Due to the event being continuous this is not possible, please do not attempt to access the bike course before your start.
  • Can I walk the run course?
    Yes but please bear in mind this is constantly live, so please be mindful of other competitors.
  • Can I acclimatise before my swim start?
    No, you cannot enter the water until you are due to start
  • Is this race drafting?
    The event is non-drafting for all adult categories. Tri Star 2 & 3 will have drafting and non drafting waves. Details will be confirmed nearer the event.
  • Where do I find the results?
    Times will be available real time via the Results page on event website. A full set of results will be available once the event is complete.
  • Will there be any photos from the event?
    Yes, our friends at Marathon Photos will be taking some snaps throughout the event and the images will be available 24 hours after the event finishes.


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